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Impact! Miniatures to produce and distribute Forceball

Impact! Miniatures has entered into an agreement to produce and distribute the Forceball Box CoverForceball card game. From their announcement:
Impact! Miniatures is pleased to announce they have agreed to a licensing agreement with Gigantoskop to produce and distribute Forceball.  Impact. worked with the Gigantoskop team to refine the levels of play and rulebook.   Forceball is a fast and futuristic sport card game.  Each match consists of three periods. A period starts with a face-off to decide who's the attacker and who's the defender, and then progresses with the players taking turns either attacking or defending. The period ends when all cards in the deck have been used, and the deck is then reshuffled for the next period.  There are five levels of play (Little League to All-Star) that add additional layers of complexity to the game.   Forceball is a complete game in itself, not a trading card game. The game is easy to learn, easy to carry around in your pocket, and a period takes less than 15 minutes. It's suitable both as a filler and for lengthy tournaments. The game will retail for only $10 and will be released at Gencon. To find out more, you can check out Forceball on