Impact! Miniatures Releases a Special Miniature

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Nov 9th, 2011

Impact! Miniatures new release:

From their anouncement:

This mini is a special tribute to Tom Anders. It is of the halfling chef Thom A. Sanders standing triumplant against the Greedy Witch and her lawyers, Ceez and D. Cyst. It has a fantastic backstory that we hope you will check out by clicking on the newslink. The miniature set (as well as individual pieces) here

We would like to give special thanks to the NAF for permission to replicate their insignia, Patrick Keith, sculptor extraordinaire, for doing such an awesome job and Mike Noe at Iron Wind Metals for his help in making this happen and not letting Tom find out!

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  • Paintjob doesn’t do the sculpt much justice in my opinion…

  • Nightbee

    Yeah, the paintjob is pretty amateurish (as is the assembly-surely it could be pivoted to fit on the base), but a very funny model. If only they could have made an alternate space marine head for Grandma Wendy.

  • KelRiever

    WHO CARES?! The story behind this is hilarious!

    • KelRiever

      And yes, a ‘Space Marine’ head would have been perfect.


    I am torn as to whether I should buy this now or wait until Gen Con 2012…

  • A very fun little sculpt here. Need to eventually buy myself one.

  • Orca

    Poor sculpt and paintjob, not for me