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Impact! Miniatures' Little Urban Achievers reaches Stretch Goal #2

Impact! Miniatures reached Stretch Goal #2 in their Kickstarter campaign. Here's an update from the mini-makers.

From the update:

Impact!'s KickStarter for the Little Urban Achievers has reached our 2nd stretch goal which means we'll now also be producing Ronnie and the Cowboy Stranger (shown in image below the original 4 concepts). We are conducting a poll to see which 7th figure we will add to the line if we reach stretch goal #3 at $4250.

Dude dice were added to the KickStarter as an add-on extra with the Dude on the 6 because the Dude+6 make 7 you know.

And with dice going so well with miniatures, we also wanted to point out our spherical D14 and D18 KickStarter has added two new options for rewards when backing. The first is a full even dice sets from D4 to D20 and the second is a $500 option for retailers where they can get any 625 dice from the KickStarter at a distributor level price.

Finally our Cthulhu mini KickStarter is in its final week if you want to get a good deal on these figures before they come out for retail.