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Impact Miniatures launches kickstarter for Passing Shot: Tennis Game

Impact Miniatures launches the Kickstarter for their new game project Passing Shot: Dice Tennis Game.

From their announcement:


“QUIET, please!” … The whole Stadium goes quiet. Tossing the ball and getting to the perfect trophy pose. You unleash the a breath and accelerate the raquethead and hit the ball just right. The serve radar reads 139 mph and the ball catches the service line before flying past your opponent. Ace! 15 – 40. Now if you can make just three more. It’s only the beginning, the first game, and you are already in a deep hole. No matter you. You step up to the basline and get ready to toss the ball...”

Passing Shot is a dice game for two, that simulates a Tennis game in which each player takes a role of a Tennis Player. By means of consecutive dice rolls, the main aim of this game is trying to win points, games, sets and finally, the match. Each die has six facings, which are Ball (3 different colors), Out, Net and Energy. Through the use of the advance rules, players can do things like Approach the Net, Score an Ace, Second Serve, Play on different surfaces, Hawk-Eye, etc.

Passing Shot is the creation of Daniel Martinez. Based upon the positive reviews seen on Boardgamegeek, Impact! reached a licensing agreement to mass produce the game and make it available to a larger audience. Following the successful Kickstarter campaign to launch Forceball in November, we're now looking to the community to help us with another great game.

We encourage you to read the reviews on Boardgamegeek here:
You can add an extra copy of Passing Shot to any of the rewards on the right for an extra $7 to your pledge.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for helping us get this great game out to those who would enjoy it.