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Impact Miniatures Kickstarter for Maude Lebowski Valkyrie Cheerleader

Impact Miniatures Kickstarter for 28mm Maude Lebowski ends in less than 20 hours.

From their site:

We ran a quick kickstarter campaign for our Maude Lebowski cheerleader that ends tomorrow. We kept is short and low profile to test interest from outside our community.

This miniature was my own little pet project. Being an acheiver, I thought I'd like to give something back given all the laughs that the Dude, Walter, Bunny, Jesus and Maude have given me.

Maude comes with two sets of arms (trident/bowling ball, beer stein/pom-pom) so you can choose which of the below you like. Whether you are gearing up for Gutterballz or the sideline of pitch, she has you covered. Sculpted by Patrick Keith, and painted by Laughing Ferret Studio.

She is cast in white metal and is 28mm scale. She is supplied unpainted.