Impact! Miniatures announces Elf Cheerleader

By TGN Ross
In News
Feb 9th, 2012

Impact! Miniatures announces their new Elf Cheerleader.

From their announcement:

The new elf Cheerleader from Patrick Keith. She will be produced later this month along with several other new minis including a nurgly big guy, chaos Marauder #4, halfling head coach, and another elf cheerleader. Will have an orc cheerleader by Patrick as well.

  • That look like a sensible outfit. :-/

  • Nightbee

    We can assume an orc player just stomped by and disarranged her kit.

  • number9

    Why bother with the trappings of a non-functional outfit? It doesn’t improve the mini much. Just go full frontal and be done with it.

  • Soulfinger

    She doesn’t look very enthusiastic about her job. “Go team . . . whatever . . .” The bandage strip outfit would be far cooler on a mummy cheerleader.

  • Emo Elf.