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Impact! Miniatures & A Band of Orcs release concept art

OogImpact! Miniatures have posted the first concept art produced for their joint venture with A Band of Orcs. From their announcement:
A Band of Orcs and Impact! Miniatures are pleased to release the first sketch for their upcoming miniatures project.    The first sketch is Oog Skullbasher and his war drums set.  The sketch was completed by artist Chuck Lukacs and it is being sculpted by Patrick Keith.   Oog likes to bang stuff, so he plays drums. Or hits unicorns over the head with boulders. Back in Hirntodia many regard Oog as, perhaps, the best unicorn poacher in the realm, for nothing makes for better drum heads than freshly cured unicorn hide. He has organized and led many expeditions into the wilds to procure the most prized skins. On one such anti-heroic hunt, a unicorn reared up and kicked him in the teeth, nearly breaking his jaw. That one now lies stretched across his bass drum eternally suffering the double bass and blast beat beatings that Oog administers as the back bone of the metal onslaught of A Band of Orcs. The miniature set will include all five members of the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe and will be available for purchase in August.