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Impact! launches Earthdawn fantasy RPG Miniatures KickStarter

Impact! Miniatures got a new Kickstarter campaign underway. This one's for Earthdawn fantasy RPG minis.



From the campaign:

The Earthdawn RPG mixes the familiar with the exotic; dwarves, elves, and humans mingle with the lizard-like t’skrang, the earth-skinned obsidimen, and the small, flighty windlings. This KickStarter will bring all of these varied races along with unique monsters for them to face to improve your experience playing the RPG. Since several of the races in Earthdawn are unique in fantasy RPGs, this project will be an opportunity to have miniatures cast that match better with your characters while playing Earthdawn.

The miniatures are 28mm scale and are all aimed to be very affordable on the gamer budget with costs of $2.33 to $5 each.