Impact! is now carrying Willy Miniatures

By tgn_admin
In Fantasy
Feb 5th, 2011

Impact! Miniatures is now carrying fantasy football figures from Willy Miniatures.

Willy Miniatures

From their website:

Impact! is now carrying Willy Miniatures. Impact! is also now stocking the Neomics / FFStore.IT Chaos teams in 3 mixes with 4 Warriors in each team

Finally we have our Greebo range restocked for many of the items that were out of stock.

  • Will you guys be getting the full Orc team that the Willy sculptor did?

  • We are trying to work out terms with him. At this point he’s offering less than our minimum discount level to take on a new product to the store. We are trying to work out getting to our minimum order discount by offering to make a larger purchase.

    Note for others: The Willy sculptor only sculpted the two orcs in the image and then decided to start his own business. The rest where sculpted by the new sculptor that Willy uses.