Impact! Gen Con 2010 releases now available

Impact! Miniatures have added their Gen Con 2010 releases to their online store.

Timberline Elf team

From their website:

GenCon is coming … time for our new GenCon releases. First the miniatures. We have 5 new figures for the Timberline Elf team. 2 Dryads, a Striker, Thrower and a Midfielder.

We also have three new limited edition figures. Two from the Yorkers tournament and one from Zlurpee Bowl. Salty Knots and Al Marscapone are too halflings waiting to help your team and fans either with the best pretzels anywhere or a well timed bribe to the referee. Zorg is a fan barely covered by his NAF thong who has run onto the field to help the team.

We also have Stephen Babbage’s new book in the store. A great fantasy football read.

We have new accessories in the store as well. Two new colours of the Flaming skull dice (Purple and Translucent Gem Red) as well as 25mm display bases

Finally we’ve added 13 more of the Heresy Deathball figures to our store (still working on the images sorry) but they are fully in stock in the store.