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Impact City Roller Derby board game on KickStarter

Impact City is a new roller-derby-inspired board game by Impact! Games and they're looking to get some funding together for their project. Check it out and if you want, pledge some money to get a new game on the shelves.

From the project:

This is Impact!'s newest miniatures game. We've spent a year and half trying to make this game as close to roller derby as we could get it and still play fast and fun. We worked with 30 different roller derby teams to make sure we had the look and feel as accurate as possible. The Naptown Roller Girls are on the playing cards. The Atlanta Roller Girls poster is part of the cover of the box and we just finished sculpting a skater formerly from the Circle City Derby Girls (now plays for Naptown) to add to the game.

The game plays in 60 minutes for Scrimmage rules and 120 minutes for Bout rules.

The deluxe version of the game has 10 different helmeted 28mm scale pewter miniature rollergirls to give you 2 different teams.

The game will retail for $40 USD but it on KickStarter right now for $30 USD. With the 10 pewter miniatures it will retail for $80 USD and is currently only $75 USD on KickStarter.

Impact! thanks you for any support you give the game either through a pledge or even just letting others know about it through forum or social media posting.