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Impact! and A Band of Orcs release new concept art

GronkImpact! Miniatures and A Band of Orcs have released their second piece of concept art for the A Band of Orcs miniature project. From their announcement:
A Band of Orcs and Impact! Miniatures are pleased to release the second sketch for their upcoming miniatures project.    The next sketch is Gronk!.  The sketch was completed by artist Chuck Lukacs and it is being sculpted by Patrick Keith.  Gronk!, whose name translates to ‘the-rumbling-sound-of-earth-quake-that-preceeds-the-volcano-eruption’ in your miserable human language, serves as the band’s shamanic ancestor spirit medium. On Mondays, he believes he channels Steve Harris; on Tuesdays it’s Geezer Butler, on Wednesdays Cliff Burton and on Thursdays the will of Great Gzoroth, the Chaos Dragon, who foretells of the coming Domination. The rest of the time he channels himself. Gronk! plays bass guitar only with genuine, hand-crafted, dwarf-gut strings, because he believes anything else unsuitable to his brutal calling.
The shaman uses his spiritual powers to level-up the band before battles and shows. When not propitiating ancestor spirits, summoning things from Beyond (be it purposely or accidentally), or preaching the Domination, Gronk! likes to drop stuff from high places and watch it splat against the ground. In battle he wields a headsmans axe, a magic staff, and tricksy spirit spells.   The miniature set will include all five members of the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe and will be available for purchase in August.