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Impact! adds Chibi Ponies to Adventurers KickStarter

Impact! keeps rolling along with their Chibi Dungeon Adventurers Kickstarter campaign. Now they've added on Chibi Ponies extras. Check it out.

From the update:

We started with just making a Unicorn Chibi. Then the requests for different types of small horses can in like a flood.

So responding to our backers we have added the Pony Pack with 2 different pony bodies types (Pony and Unicorn) and 8 different mix and match accessories that you can get in sets of 3 of your choice.

Accessories allow you to create Pegasus, Alicorn, Nightmares

Pony is 24mm tall and additional bodies or packs of 3 accessories are $5 each (or 5 for $20).