Immortal plastic Hoplite update

Immortal Miniatures have posted an update on the status of their 28mm plastic Greek Hoplite figures.

From their announcement:

Karl Kopinski has finished the cover art, and I think you will agree he has done an outstanding job.
I though I’d just write a little update and fill you all in on what will be included in the box.

Renedra are in the final stages of finishing the tooling. They were kind enough to provide me with some plasterscene impressions of the cavities that have been cut for some of the figures.

Bear in mind, these are made from plasterscene… so the final figures will hold sharper detail. Here’s what you will get in the box.

This box contains 34 hard plastic multi part figures: 20 in linen armour, 8 unarmoured, 4 in bronze armour, 1 piper and 1 optional command figure.

Also included is a sheet of 50 waterslide transfers, a frame of bases for all the figures and a 8 page booklet containing all the information you will need to build and paint your figures.