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Immortal Miniatures relaunch

Immortal Miniatures will soon be relaunching their website. From their announcement:
I am pleased to announce that I am relaunching Immortal Miniatures, with a host of new figures and website updates. Releases have been small this year, but I have been busy behind the scenes sculpting lots of new metal figures and working on a few plastic sets. During this time Nortstar helped me out by taking control of the retail side of the business while I got to work designing new figures. I'm now at a place where I feel happy to take control myself again while ensuring a steady and increased rate of releases. By the end of the month the on-line ordering on will be pack on line and I will be up and running again. I am currently re-working a lot of my earlier figures to guarantee that the standard of my figures remains high, so you will notice that a portion of figures will be unavailable while this happens. The Greek range will be most unaffected by this, but figures such as the Thassailian cavalry and Cretan archers will be replaced shortly.