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Immortal Miniatures email issues

Immortal Miniatures is encountering problems with their email system. From their announcement:
This isn't really a "proper" newsletter.. Just a quick notice to say that I am experiencing problems with the email address Either emails are not being received from customers or emails are not being sent from my end. I have been away in Asia also, supporting conservation work which has disrupted communications. So, if you have tried to contact me in the bast few weeks and have not got a response, please email me directly at: any replies to this letter will go into this in box. I have lots of new packs on the way shortly, including the usual Greek additions, but also the first of a large Persian release. I will be dealing with the Satrapies of the Persian armies and theming releases around them. First up is North Africa, which include the Saite Egyptians, Kushites and Libyans. After this will be India, Then Anatolia and then Persia to co-inside with the release of the plastic Persian infantry (news and images of these will appear in the next couple of weeks).