Immortal House launches Realms of the Ancients tabletop RPG Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 6th, 2013

Immortal House launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Realms of the Ancients, a new tabletop RPG.

From the campaign:

After 10 years in production and 2 years of beta testing, the Realms of the Ancients β€œROTA” tabletop roleplaying game is nearing completion. Born from a sci-fi/fantasy world setting that was created and expanded over the last 16 years, the game provides a core rule system that gives players the flexibility to deal with any scenario, while simultaneously allowing for them to evolve their characters to near god-like status.

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  • So, it’s not Defense of the Ancients? πŸ˜€

  • Soulfinger

    No way! This game will get all of the songs! Just look at it! 10 years of production, 2 years of playtesting, and its so bad-ass that this adds up to a “setting that was created and expanded over the last 16 years.” That’s 4 bonus years devoted entirely to expanding, all for only $75! Plus, for an extra $75, you can actually pay for the privilege of being a beta tester, or for $300, your ENTIRE GAMING GROUP can playtest it! Whereas other companies send their beta testers free products and incentives, this game is so good that just seeing the rough draft will make you orgasm. Better yet, retailers have the option of purchasing 10 books for only $2,000! That’s a $125 anti-savings bonus cost for each book. For only $15 more, you get a cowbell! I’m not joking! You get a cowbell!

    Folks, we need to pledge on this one, because at $125,000, everyone who pledges $200 gets to include their own race in the book and I can finally realize my dream of seeing my “Ballsackian Ass Raiders” put into print. Although technically, I guess it does say the race will be created for each backer, so it may well end up being a race of Suckers.

    • begisle

      Creating something does not also mean production. Granted I know you’re trying to be all edgey kewl, however your sarcasm feels a bit lacking.
      2k for a retailer to have the designers come out to their shop and run games, get advertising in both the book and on the website? It’s not bad

      • Soulfinger

        Okay, explain to me then how this is, in any way, shape, or form, a profitable decision for a small business owner in one of the most failure-prone retail niches. How exactly, does the FLGS owner get that $2k back plus a profit margin of at least 40% on the investment? How is it even a realistic choice considering the average operational budget of most FLGSs, who could nearly stock a full selection of Fantasy Flight board games for the same money?

        You see, Andy Chambers, Wolfgang Baur, or Gary Gygax’s zombie would be one thing. I could see someone paying $1,550 ($2k – $750 for the books, less the standard Retailer discount of 40%) to have one of them visit a well-established store with good foot traffic. Mainly because any of these people would move regularly stocked product lines and help sustain future purchases. I am willing to bet that you could find an established industry author or artist within driving distance willing to do the same promotion for half of the money or less. Hell, for $1k, you could fly in some D-lister, like William Katt, from Hollywood to pretend that he gives a crap while he signs whatever people purchase in the store, and probably see a modest return.

        However, in this case, we are talking about an unknown, 1st time, self-published game author looking to promote the ten copies of a $75 book that a retailer would be lucky to move in under a year. Added to that, there is no sustainability. It’s not like having some GW or WOTC staffer show up to sign Pathfinder or WH40K core books, which would drive source book sales for the rest of the year. The retailer doesn’t even have the assurance of being able to liquidate any remnants wholesale on eBay. As with the beta testing, most self-published authors scrabble to do signings and promotion entirely free-of-charge.

        Advertising-wise, you could run 3 full page advertisements in Knights of the Dinner Table, which has a guaranteed readership of 17k, for the same money (and keep in mind, that $1.5k does not include the costs of advertising the event). As of this instant, that is exposure to an audience of 17,000 people versus the 40 people backing this KS so far. Value-wise, a retailer could have stocked 20 Vampire level Bones pledges, a total of 4,820 miniatures for the same money, and then literally sold them for $1 each to double their investment. Soooo yeah, I would go so far as to say that a game store owner who pledges $2,000 on this KS actually deserves to go out of business for their complete and utter lack of “business savvy,” as Immortal House calls it. That you would consider it a value utterly baffles me.

        You can go ahead and consider my “edgey kewl” sarcasm to be a midway point between a long, drawn-out response like this one and the more to-the-point “This is dumb.”

        • grimbergen


  • Soulfinger

    Yay! I winz1!1