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Immortal Fantasy Skirmish Game Up On Kickstarter

Broken Spirit Wargames has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Immortal, their new fantasy miniatures game set in the Dark Ages. The campaign is to raise funds to print their games' rulebook. There are no specific minis for Immortal, and they recommend you use whatever fantasy miniatures you want to use. Raise your tribe of Romano-Britions, Picts, Irish Raiders, Saxons, Welsh, or Pennines and use the power of the newly-awakened old gods in order to conquer your neighbors. Just be wary, the gods have their own ideas of who should be in charge, and so what they want may not exactly be what you want.

The rulebook will be 120+ pages, hardback bound. The new rules set will have a thematic "Faith" system, letting your warriors do acts of fantastic power. Speaking of which, there will be rules for creating your own hero characters that can lead your clans in battle. Along with that, there will be rules for 5 unique Angels and Demons who have chosen your group as the ones to be their champions of conquest. They'll also include 5 scenarios and plenty of fluff background on the state of affairs in Dark Ages Britain.

The campaign is just a bit over 50% funded with still 12 days left to go on the clock.