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Imbrian Arts Release a Tabletop Drinking Game and Drunk Miniatures

Imbrian Arts has released the Dwarf Hero, a new mini for their Beer and D6s tabletop drinking games.


From them to you:

Imbrian Arts has released the Dwarf Hero, the first miniature in a series of drunken adventurers for the tabletop drinking game Beer and D6s. Each hero is hand cast in resin and comes with 2 drunk dice and a resin base.

Beer and D6s is a rules set which allows players to control a courageous crew of alcoholic heroes and drunks in an all out tavern brawl where your only means of survival is to drink until the hurting stops!

Brawl with your mates using only a handful of models or fill your tavern with hordes of angry villagers and monsters, then create a party and drink your way to victory!

Beta rules and cards are available online and ready for your thorough testing. Just be sure to drink plenty of water!