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Imbrian Arts posts up new concept art and stretch goal on Kickstarter

Imbrian Arts gives us a look at another piece of concept art for their Kickstarter campaign and posts up another stretch goal.

From the preview:

So the Cassowary rider is unlocked and the Necromancer Bat is added for free for EVERY backer who has pledged $85,- or higher!

The next stretch is for Asura and Gnoll.

''Every force includes at least one wizard. The Goblins have the troll druid and necromancer bat, the Undead are raised by powerful liches. The desert set will include an Asura sorceress. We're also including a new gnoll miniature in the set. If the Asura gets funded the gnoll will too, and it will be included free in every order with the Asura in it.''