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Imbrian arts Kickstarter: Nothing like a good death spore

Imbrian Arts is busting up more stretch goals on Kickstarter, that means they've got to have plenty in-line.

From the update:

Update 21 brings you pics of the monk, an unlocked zombie 3pack and the newest stretch goal, Death Spores!

Death spores are a favourite past time of many liches. It can take decades to train the fungi, but through careful grooming it can start to take on a corpse like appearance. Death spore sculpture is considered to be an art form which can take centuries to master. And indeed the fruit of this labour is the delight of seeing its hapless victims fall prey and be consumed by the angry fungus. Aaah death spores.

Furthermore the zombie 3pack has been unlocked! you can now add it to your order as an add on.

And we have these cool pic of the Monk! For more angles you can visit the KS page!