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Imbrian Arts Kickstarter: Free Ifrit unlocked. Next stretch goal, zombies & Piper Unlocked, Free Ifrit, and Monk WIP

Imbrian Arts keeps chugging along on Kickstarter, making it over $25k and adding more freebies for all.

From the update:

The piper has been unlocked and we're well on our way to unlocking the next stretch goal, a free miniature! The Ifrit is a creature who is part of the desert peoples. If this stretch goal is unlocked any backer who pledges $110 or more will get one for free. Let's make it happen!

And moments later!

We're blazing through are stretch goals! The Ifrit has been unlocked and will be included in your order for FREE if you pledge $110 or more.

The next 3 stretch goals are aimed at creating a pack of zombies for the undead set. You can pick them up in the set, as a single add on, or in a 3 pack once all three are unlocked