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Imbrian Arts Goblin painting contest

Imbrian Arts is holding a painting contest using their recently released Goblin figures. From their announcement:
The Goblin set is here at last and I’m so excited to see what you do with them we’re going to hold a painting contest at Oz Painters. The first category is single painted miniature. Use any miniature from the goblin set that you like and submit as many entries as you want. The second category is scene or diorama. Bring the world around your goblins to life. We’re looking for the most creative base, display, scene, or diorama. It can include any number of goblins and may also include other miniatures. To enter, submit photos in the Goblin Contest Thread at Oz Painters by March 22nd. If you’re too lazy to join feel free to post them in your usual forums and send me a link or email photos of your entries and I’ll post them for you but it would be great of you to join the forum and share your creations with us yourself. Top entries will be shown here on the Imbrian Arts Blog. The best entry from each category will receive a $100 voucher to spend in the online shop. Vouchers are redeemable at any time so you can blow it all on more goblins or save it for the next set. Good Luck