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Imagine 3D Miniatures is looking for board game designers

From my experience, every gamer has "a game they're working on" in some various stage of development. Sometimes it's just a different RPG system. Sometimes it's a new card game. Other times it's a full board game or miniatures game. Heck, I've got one that I've got a prototype mocked up. Well, if you're like me and you'd like to take things to the next level and get custom minis made for your game, Imagine 3D Miniatures wants to hear from you.

Imagine 3D Miniatures is looking to team up with those that are looking to create miniatures for their new game projects. The figures they create can then be used to make molds for just about any casting material (or even before that, the files can be used during presentations and such to show off your product to investors... like, say, a Kickstarter campaign).

"3D modeling has beaten classic hand-modeling and we expect 3D printing to do the same thing with manufacturing molds," says David Perez, CEO of Imagine 3D Miniatures.