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Imaginary Empire Releases Frontier of Fear RPG supplement

Imaginary Empire has released Frontier of Fear, a supplement for the Epoch RPG.

From the release:

Imaginary Empire releases Frontier of Fear, a collection of four new one-shot science-fiction survival horror scenarios for the EPOCH roleplaying game:

Ascend Corporation mobile mining crawler 242 has gone silent after reporting the largest deposit of gold ever found on the Mars. Join an elite crisis team dispatched to investigate and confirm the find in RED GOLD.

In SPACE STATION ICARUS, join a scientific exploration team in close orbit around the Sun. Your mission is drawing to a close and there are only a few more days to go before your return to Earth, what could possibly go wrong?

Lock and load as a Corporation Marine sent to investigate the scientific survey ship Turner, which has reappeared near the far side of the moon, travelling at high speed and bound for earth after 100 years missing in space in QUINTESSENCE.

You’ve been convicted of a crime and now you’ve got to do some HARD TIME aboard the state-of-the-art Albert J. Reiss prison facility, currently in orbit around Martian moon Phobos.
Full-colour scenario specific card decks are included.

Frontier of Fear also introduces a new sci-fi themed complication card deck which can be integrated with existing EPOCH complications.