Ignoring Your Audience… Rookie Mistake

Club Fantasci’s David Lowry writes about something a lot of rookie game-makers make the mistake of doing in this editorial.

Club Fantasci


From the article:

Statistically the average person knows 220 people. So let’s take that as a rough fact. If this is a baseline number, how many people do you think other business people know, or people of influence in an industry or media/marketing person? Hundreds more, thousands more? Then when you consider how many people who they know, the numbers get staggering down the line. The snowball just get bigger and bigger and bigger. Imagine the power a person has in their hands when they are well-connected! Why do I bring this up you may ask? Because I have found many people that just completely ignore any attempt at reaching out to them from others. They don’t acknowledge them, re-tweet them or interact on any level. No, clicking “favorite”on a tweet is not interacting. It’s barely passable as acknowledgement. Eventually whomever is trying to interact with you will quit. They will quit everything. Reviewing your games, buying your games, talking about your games or sharing your reviews or whatever it is you do. You are effectively alienating your audience with your rudeness.