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Iello Updates about Heroes of Normandy Shipping

Ah, getting product in so you can send it back out again. "Shipping" has almost become a dirty word in our hobby, because it seems that's the place things can go the most-wrong. That's not actually the case, as there's a lot of places where things can get a little mucked up, but during shipping is one of the most-visible parts of a Kickstarter campaign. Backers have waited for a long time and their stuff is almost there, and yet there's still a wait. Well, Iello has some good news about shipping for Heroes of Normandie and Shadows Over Normandie backers.

For the Heroes of Normandie, the three expansion sets are making their way right now to the US. As soon as they make it to Iello's California office, they'll be headed to anxious backers. Expected arrival time is the beginning of August (so not very far away at all), with a retail release coming at the end of August.
On the Shadows Over Normandie front, the game, Pegasus, Civilians, and all Kickstarter-extras will be shipped in another wave coming later. Those files are being sent to the printer in a couple weeks, and so the final products should be coming back and shipping out around the end of September. The retail release for things from Wave 2 of shipping will be in late September for some items, and early November for the last of things.