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Iello to be worldwide exclusive distributor for Flatlined Games

Flatlined Games has a new worldwide exclusive distributor in Iello. So if you want Flatlined Games, you've gotta go talk to Iello.


From the announcement:

The current US distribution model is quite complex, and different from what we know in Europe. Flatlined Games has been working for two years with IELLO in Europe, and they have done a fantastic job in distributing our games in Europe and Canada.

IELLO USA has been growing very fast and already established strong brands on the US market, such as King of Tokyo, Ghooost! or The Three Little Pigs.

Most European distributors only work with exclusive deals, as the German market has taught them a price war on board-games does not benefit anyone in the long run. IELLO USA furthers this approach by focusing only on a select catalog of games from their publishing partners, which they distribute under the IELLO brand in the US.
Flatlined Games is proud to announce we signed an exclusive distribution deal with IELLO for the US. Starting right now, all US retailers and e-tailers will be able to get all games published by Flatlined Games exclusively from IELLO USA. Our current US stock has been transferred to IELLO warehouses and is immediately available.

Flatlined Games is also proud to announce we signed an exclusive representation deal with IELLO Europe for the rest of the world. IELLO works with local distributors all over the world to offer local language versions of their catalog, which will now include all Flatlined Games products.

Distributor from all non-US countries that wish to add local language versions of Flatlined Games products to their catalog can reach out to IELLO Europe for further details.