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iello Posts New Pre-Release Policy For Games

I know how it is. We all want to be the first. When a new game or model is released, we want it right away. So we find out whatever way will be the fastest and go for it. Being first makes us feel special. So a lot of people will pre-order things online in order to be the first gamer on their block with the new game or model when it's available. Well, the folks at iello still think that's cool, but they also want to help out Gaming Stores. That's why they've announced a new policy for releasing new games.

Starting with this next batch of releases, all new releases will be sent to brick-and-mortar gaming stores two weeks before they're sent out to online retailers. This is also tied in with iello's Promo Promotions program. The idea is to get people back into the gaming shops. They're the lifeblood of our hobby and it's sad to see one go under because everyone's just buying stuff online.