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iello Offering Promo Material with Pre-Orders

Everyone likes to get extras (just look at Kickstarter campaigns). Promo items can add quite a bit to your gaming experience, and they can be pretty hard to get. Well, iello is offering to send out promo material for those that pre-order some of their upcoming games off of their website. If you're looking to get Sapiens or Shadows Over Normandie, you'll want to check out what you can get.

If you order Sapiens, you'll get a punch-board with eight additional tiles (with double-wide scenes). If you order Shadows Over Normandie, when you order the base game you'll also get a double-sided poster of a Deep Ones pin-up, a punch-board for The Axel - Fearless Beer Drinking, and the Game Store Promo punch-board. Sounds like a pretty good deal. These won't last long, so hurry and put your name on the list to pick up these games.