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Iello Gives Info on the Iello League for Gen Con

Gen Con is primarily about coming together and celebrating the hobby we love: gaming. There's all the shopping in the Exhibitor's Hall. There's all the tourneys that go on for pretty much any system you can think of. There's Werewolf in the hallways at 3am. Iello has a lot going on as well, one of them is the Iello League, their casual "just play games" event for the show. But what, exactly, is it? They've posted up some details we wanted to share.

Basically, the Iello League is the most casual of events that happens at Gen Con. All you have to do is go and play some Iello games. Boom! Done! You don't even have to win. To sign up, just go to Organized Play room #143 and give them an Iello League Event ticket (or just two generics). They'll give you a yellow wrist band that indicates you're in the League for the duration of the show. Then, just go play Iello games that are set out. Once you're done with a game, head back to the registration table and you'll get a pick of an envelope with a promo for one of their games in it. You can get up to 4 promos a day. Played 4 games but want more? Well, keep on playing and you can get swanky buttons. The Iello League runs for the duration of the show.

As an aside: I absolutely love events like this. Those that know me know that I ran the Iron Arena that Privateer Press runs every year, back when I was still a Moderator for their forums. CoolMiniOrNot has a new event that's much like this. It's totally pressure-free. You just go and play. Enjoy. Have fun. Doesn't matter if you win or not. It's all about just the experience of gaming. And you get prizes for it. Awesome.