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Iello Announces Welcome to the Dungeon Game and New Guardians' Chronicles Expansions

Iello loaded up this new announcement with goodness. They have a new game in the form of Welcome to the Dungeon, which is a dungeon-crawl mini-game for 2-4 players aged 8 and up. Then, if a new game weren't enough, they're announcing the first three expansion sets for Guardians' Chronicles: The Terror Trio, Night Squad, and True King of Atlantis.
I told you this announcement was loaded with goodness.


We'll start out with looking a bit more at Welcome to the Dungeon (we've got fun and games). In the game, players must choose between adding cards to the dungeon face-up, or in front of you face-down, but you have to put a piece of armor from your character on top of it (to hold the monster down, I suppose). As time goes, characters have to fight against bigger piles of monsters as they are continually less-equipped. Pre-orders are being taken now.

Meanwhile, Guardians' Chronicles sees three waves of heroes and villains taking to the mean streets. The Terror Trio introduces Voltage, Nuke, and Iron Turtle, three bad guys who will test your heroes in all new and challenging ways. To fight them, you can pick up the Night Squad. The four heroes of Bigfoot, Armor, Night Vigilante, and Quickshot are primed to clean the streets of ne'er-do-wells. Finally, prepare to get a bit wet with the True King of Atlantis set. You must keep Aquarion, the son of the deposed dictator, from reinstating his totalitarian dictatorship.