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iello Previews Superfly Board Game

As the weather warms up, the flies come out. It's already gnat season here in GA. You can be just going along your merry way when suddenly what seems like a billion little bugs are buzzing around your head. That can possibly include indoors, since a single crumb can feed about a million of them, it seems. So, you're constantly swatting and swatting. Well, that's good practice for Superfly, a new board game coming this week from iello and Loki.

From the article:

Summer is near… and the return of flies is only a matter of time! And when there are way too many flies, bzzzz, bzzzz, it’s buzzing everywhere. They come in whole squadrons, in disorganized flotillas that will shamelessly run into you.

There are the Hungry ones, nice and plump, that stuff themselves on anything they find, slurp! They seem like they have forks instead of legs! There are the Romantic ones that fly around and blow kisses at you, smack! You will also notice the Sleepy ones that nonchalantly swirl around before lazily crashing on a nicely round mushroom and pleasantly snoring, zzz…

The Turbo flies, these ones, you can’t even catch a glimpse of them. They slip through your fingers at an incredible speed, swoosh! They’re gone, far away now, and all that’s left is the cool breeze they blew on their way, on the tip of your nose!

The adorable Baby flies that flutter around, with big round eyes just barely discovering this big great world, a-ga! while sucking on their pacifiers. The majestic Queens wearing a magnificent purple dress, raise their tiny fly arm while nodding their head on their way. They are all more irresistible than the next, these flies. And annoying too… Anyways, the summer is coming and with it, the flies!

What about you in all this? What are you going to do when all kinds of flies are flying around you? You, you like to collect things, collect flies, all the same ones, collect numbers, all the same ones or collect all of the colors. You grab your flyswatter and you pay close attention to the fly cards laid on the tables. On your mark…. 1, 2, 3…. Bzzz! Bam! You swap the card you want. Beware, you must be quick because there’s always as many cards as there are players… minus 1! Now you can start your collection. You placed your flyswatter on the same card as your neighbor? No problem, the player with the highest value shown on the die in their flyswatter takes the card and adds it to their collection. As easy as that! For each collection of five cards you will get a “Fly Catcher” token. When you have three of those tokens you shall be anointed “Best Fly Catcher”!

It’s easy, super quick (like flies, bzzz!) and totally hilarious! And the super cool part yet? You get to squish flies with real flyswatters!

Superfly will be released and available in stores on June, 18th and online July, 2nd.