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IDW Games Updates their Cat Tower Kickstarter

The Cat Tower campaign has made it to around 75% funded. There's still 11 days left to go to make up that last bit. And to help out, they've made some changes to the campaign in order to entice more people to join on in. They've got some Exclusives. They've got some stretch goals. They've got some new artwork.

People who have already backed will be getting a copy of Cat Tower Lite. This version is the 2-player game and has a special wooden die for playing. If the campaign is funded by midnight on the 26th, all backers will get a free Cat Tower Plus, which has its own custom die and cardboard cat tokens. There's also going to be some custom Kickstarter Exclusive cats drawn by Aza Chen.

There's only 11 days days left to get in on the cat-stacking action.