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IDW Games Releases V-Wars

It's undeadalicious here, so it would seem. Ghosts, zombies, and now vampires. Is nowhere safe for the living?!?
Ah well, think of all these games as "training exercises" for when some form of undead menace finally does befall us. So, this latest one is V-Wars, a new board game from IDW Games where players are fighting against a spreading vampire menace. No. They don't sparkle.


A Vampire menace is spreading throughout the land and it's up to you and your other other vampire hunters in order to contain it. But you've gotta be extra careful with these vampires. It's not just their bite that'll get you. Vampirism is being spread by a nasty virus that could turn an ally into an enemy in the blink of an eye. Beware of those friends you're keeping close to you, lest they turn and want to suddenly drink your blood.

You can pick up your copy now.