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IDW Games Posts King of the Creepies Preview

Well, it's part preview, part designer's diary. The article, written by game designer Jon Cohn, gives us a look at the philosophy behind the creation of King of the Creepies. That philosophy starts with bad puns and dad jokes. It then builds up from there.

From the post:

One of my top priorities when making King of the Creepies was to create an experience like I had as a kid; I wanted something that was as fun to look at as it was to play. I also wanted to make something that adult me would want to play regularly with my weekly gaming group. For that I looked at board games like Spartacus, which is one of my absolute favorites. It takes seemingly heavy game mechanics like miniature battles, drafting, and resource management and combines them so smoothly that I can easily play it with my core gamers or a group of new players and always have a great time.