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IDW Games Posts Gen Con Preview

One of the companies that ends up with a lot of really cool licenses for games is IDW. They've got several rather popular IPs that they're working on games for and they'll have them here at Gen Con this week for you to check out. There's sci-fi. There's fantasy. There's card games, board games, dice games. Just a bit of everything, really.

From the post:

We are excited for GenCon’s 50th Anniversary and looking forward to showing off and demoing a lot of anticipated games at our Booth #154. We have been working with some great designers and artists to bring an excellent line-up of tabletop games to the show. Along with that, multiple game designers will be running events of their games, giveaways at the booth and early previews of our new games too. Here is a look at what IDW Games and partners will be showing this year at GenCon 50.