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IDW Games Announces The X-Files: Everything is Connected

I think it's safe to say that many of you reading this now also watched the X-Files back in the 90s, and quite possibly saw the newest season (while I've seen older episodes, I have to admit I've not seen the new ones). It was always great talking about the events in that show, since there was always something crazy going on, be it the overarching story, or just the monster-of-the-week. Well, IDW Games is turning that into a game with Everything is Connected, a new storytelling game where you must convince the other players of your conspiracy theories.

From the announcement:

Designed by Matt Fantastic, designer for Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, puts players in the role of Special Agent Fox Mulder who is trying to earn the respect of the other players as FBI Directors to create a plausible theory for the case. This story telling game is built deep within the lore of X-Files, and puts players right on the scene to see if they can make the other players believe. The game also comes with a second game mode, based on Jose Chung, from one of the most famous episodes “From Outer Space”. Other player play as witnesses to a paranormal event and Jose Chung must look at all the evidence they provide and create a complete narrative that ties all their stories together.