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IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games Release Fire & Axe

You know, Pirates and Ninjas seem to get a lot of the attention, but what about vikings? Everyone loves vikings. They kick ass! Not to say that they're entirely underrepresented in gaming, but it's always good to see them getting to the forefront. As such, IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games have come out with a new edition of Fire & Axe that's available now.

This latest version mostly looks to update the aesthetics of the game. There are 70 minis, which are all new sculpts that have had detail added to them. As for the artwork, it's been made so gritty that you could probably smooth out a 2x4 with it (not really. Don't try and rub the rulebook against a piece of lumber. You'll probably tear the book and that'd be bad).

In the game, players load up their longships and head for the shores of Europe. You can raid or you can trade, depending on what strategy you want to pursue. There are also semi-cooperative quests that you and your fellow players can participate in. But beware, there can only be one "greatest Viking clan" out there. So make sure the best spoils go to you.

The game is available now at LGS's everywhere and the IDW webshop.