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IDW Expands License Agreement For Dragon Ball Games

IDW and Toei Animation have announced an expansion of the rights for Dragon Ball games being made by IDW. This means you can expect a lot more Dragon Ball games in the future, two of which are already well along the pipeline to hitting your table. They're Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000 and Dragon Ball Super: Heroic Battle.

From the announcement:

IDW Games, July 10th, 2018 announced today a new series of games with Toei Animation Inc. for Dragon Ball Z and Dragon BallSuper. This announcement coincides with the expansion of their current Dragon Ball Z licensing agreement to develop miniatures-based board games, as well as adding the Dragon Ball Super brand to the tabletop gaming category. IDW will extensively support both Dragon Ball brands with games releases through 2021.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Toei Animation and offer a full catalog of games that supports the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super brands on all levels,” said Jerry Bennington, IDW Publishing’s Vice President of New Product Development. “With Dragon Ball Super, we are developing games that will appeal to fans of all ages while our Dragon Ball Z offerings will be more focused on strategic depth of gameplay.”

Upcoming releases include Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000, a bluffing and deduction game designed by Jon Cohn and Dragon Ball Super: Heroic Battle, a dexterity game designed by Spencer Reeve.

In Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000, players select an iconic hero or villain from Dragon Ball Z and compete against their friends to be the first to get their power level over 9000.