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IDW Announces Random Encounter: Seas of the Sea Chicken

You know, I love chicken. But I tend to like it without any sort of flippers or tentacles or anything on it. They say that tuna is the chicken of the sea, well, in Random Encounter: Seas of the Sea Chicken, you'll find that the sea chicken is the chicken of the sea... *shrugs lots*
It's coming soon from IDW Games.

From the announcement:

‘Arrrrrrrrm yourself with a whole new set of powerful encounters in this new expansion brought to you by Jamie Keddie, designer of the original Random Encounter card game. This time around, the incredible retro-pixelrific art is nautically themed with favorites like giant man-eating clams, sirens, a clan of Vikings, and a baby on a seahorse, to name a few. And what would the game be without a progressively fatter series of sea chickens? The question is… what do sea chickens eat? And how do they get so big??