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IDD Inc. launches Aspects of Fantasy Fate/D20 RPG Kickstarter

IDD Inc. launched a Kickstarter campaign for Aspects of Fantasy, their new RPG system that incorporates aspects of both Fate and D20.


From the campaign:

Aspects of Fantasy is a fantasy rpg that combines the popular D20 rules system with the innovative Fate rules system to create a unique roleplaying experience. Aspects of Fantasy is derived from our experiences with D20 and Fate, both positive and negative. We found that both systems benefited when they were melded together - D20 became less bloated and easier to run, Fate became more structured and less narrative. We also added our own rules that are unique to the system. The final result is Aspects of Fantasy, a game that provides quick yet detailed character creation and development, rules that are familiar and easy to grasp, and a game that is fun to run.

Aspects of Fantasy is not just a concept looking for funding. The beta-version of the game is complete and a PDF will be immediately delivered at the end of the Kickstarter.

We hope you decide to back our Kickstarter project. Thanks!