ID Works release 25mm Concrete bases

By tgn_admin
In Accessories
Jan 16th, 2011

ID Works have released a set of 25mm round bases in their Concrete series of bases.

25mm Concrete bases

  • Brant

    Hmmm, I’d get these in a heartbeat for Mercs if there was a 30mm lipped version. Unless they’re inserts rather than full bases, which could work.

    • cybogoblin

      Does a 25mm base fit inside the recess of a 30mm lipped base? I haven’t tried myself, but it looks about the right size.

      • Not quite. If you were able to find a save and quick way to shave the 25mm base down some, it would fit. It would then sit above your 30mm lipped base a little bit.

        I do agree, when accessories like these are produced, it would be nice if they made them in both sets of bases- GW/Infinity style and WM/Dark Age/Darkson style lipped bases as well.

        These do look nice.