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Ictus 30mm Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter

The American War for Independence was already chaotic enough. Then the first Ictus rift opened up and all hell broke lose (almost literally). That was a bit more than a hundred years ago. In that time, much has changed, except it seems just about everyone's still at war with one-another. Though technology has certainly gone in a different direction than the one you can read up about in the history books. That brings us to Ictus, a new steampunk skirmish game that's up on Kickstarter now.

The game is designed to be sort of several games in one. By playing different "modes," you can get an entirely different gaming experience out of Ictus. So, sure, you can just use the rules as-is and have a just-fine skirmish. Or you can put the "Slap Fight" mode on, which severely reduces ranges and increases armor values. Or there's "Bombardment" mode where the players fight against a set of mortars. Or there's "Undead Infection" mode which pits the players against a zombie horde. There's some that are even cooperative, in case you don't feel like beating down your gaming opponent again.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now with still 27 days left on the clock.