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Icons of the Realms: Storm King’s Thunder Figures Now Available

I'm in the process of getting together a new Dungeons & Dragons group. It's been about 6 months since I last played, and that's just too damn long. Hopefully we'll be getting characters together next month and starting playing shortly thereafter. Now, every group I've played with has enjoyed using miniatures to represent our characters as well as the enemies we fight. It's sometimes hard to find just the right mini. Well, WizKids is giving us some more options with the release of their Icons of the Realms: Storm King’s Thunder set of Dungeons & Dragons minis. They're available now.

There's 45 new minis to collect. That includes 11 giants, 4 of which have alternate weapons. These are truly giant minis, too. They're about 4" to over 5.5" tall. Truly, they'll make an impact on your gaming table. Hope you roll well for initiative.