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Icons and Artefacts released from Crocodile Games

Crocodile Games gives you some new accent pieces for your terrain-making enjoyment.

From the announcement:

We are pleased to announce that 9 new Icons & Artifacts have been added to the Croc Store!

The Icons & Artifacts range is our collection of small odds and ends that are designed to enhance your miniature world. Here at Crocodile Games, we feel it is important for our battlefields to look interesting and 'lived-in'. We supply treasures, statues, idols, flags, banners armor racks, and more - items perfect to dress up your miniature's base, used as a battlefield objective, outfit your army's campsite, and add to a diorama. Over the years, we've slowly been adding dozens of cool items to our Icons & Artifacts store, and there are plenty to choose from! And they are not just for WarGods - the Icons & Artifacts range has proven very popular with miniature gamers everywhere - they are prefect for Pulp Games, historical Ancients, and traditional Fantasy. Role-Playing Gamers love them too!

Included in this Icons & Artifacts Release -
WGE-168c Anvil
WGE-805e Horus Statue
WGE-806b Anubi Sarcophagus
WGE-809e Pile of Bags
WGE-899d Skull Sarcophagus
WGO-108c Mycenaean Casualty
WGO-109b Mycenaean Armor Rack
WGO-120b Helmets
And at last... the legendary Golden Fleece!!!

Also, we've made all of the Mycenaean Tower Shields available individually as well.