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Ice Post-Apocalyptic RPG Available Now

When many of us think of post-apocalyptic settings, we think of something hot, like a desert. But Ice takes things in a different direction, thermically speaking, that is. Civilization has still come to an end (Damnit, Carl! I told you not to turn the AC all the way up!) and the world is once more plunged into a deep, cold ice age. Megafauna are back. Humans are huddled around the last bits of civilization. Neanderthals hunt them in the dark. Will you be able to survive? The game is available now.

From the release:

The world is cold. It has been for as long as anyone can remember. In the darkness, megafauna roam, hunting and killing at a whim. Settlements of strange beings make plans to destroy every vestige of you and your kind from this dark earth, the waters are harsh or frozen solid and inhabited by unspeakable monsters. Even the Gods are dead. Mankind still lives, eeking out the barest of existance in the ruins of the old world, weak, scared, on the brink of extinction...

But you are not. You have power. The beasts bend to your will, the rituals you weave change the very world and you can force the power of the world into your own soul. You are Human, and you can survive this dark night. You have The Spark.

Ice takes place in a dark fantasy Ice Age millenia after the collapse of civilisation where Neanderthals are preparing to wipe out Homo-Sapiens forever, giant sabretoothed tigers and mammoths roam the frozen wastelands and the weather ranges from cold and unforgiving to uninhabitable frozen wastes in the blink of an eye. A Game of tribal politics, dark rituals and slaying giant beasts to take their power. Only you stand between what remains of humanity and complete extinction.

Ice is a Fate game, and requires Fate Core to run.