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Ice Bears Available For Shieldmaiden Kickstarter

Well, anyone that knows me at all could probably figure I'd be interested in a story like this. While "bear cavalry" has been a part of gaming for quite some time, you rarely actually see them in games. And I'm sad to say that many of the bear figures I've seen don't live up to what I was really hoping for. Well, Shieldwolf Miniatures is looking to fix both of those by adding Ice Bears to their Shieldmaidens Kickstarter campaign.

You can get them either as singles or as a pack (though I'm not sure why you'd not just buy a pack, as well... you get a pack of bears, plus there's a decent discount on buying them separately). Or you could just get the riders for... some reason... I can't really figure it out, but I'm sure it's there. Anyway, yes, ice bear cavalry. Go get yours. The campaign's only got a day left to it, so you better hurry.