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iFun4All Announces Halls of Horror Board Game

iFun4All has announced that they're working on a new board game called Halls of Horror. Players wake up in a strange labyrinth with no memory of how they got there. They must look for ways to escape without these halls becoming their final resting place. Can you make it out alive?

From the website:

You wake up in an unfamiliar room. Your entire body hurts, and you can hardly remember last night. Maybe there was a party at a club, or you were supposed to meet with a promising client, or you remember being mugged in an alley but nothing else… it doesn’t matter. Now you are here, and an industrial camera follows your every move. A voice plays over a crackling speaker. “Welcome, participant… to the Halls of Horror Trapped inside a house built by the insane Master of the Ceremony, you are challenged to a deadly game in which the prize is your survival. Who will perish, and who will escape? Let's find out! n Halls of Horror, you play a participant in a sick game of survival. Your goal is to find the Exit, hidden among the various rooms of this labyrinth, and the two Keys you need to open it. Keys can be found by exploring the Halls, but if all else fails, there’s always the option to take one out of… other participants! Each of you has a Key sewn into your body while you were sleeping, the macabre detail courtesy of the Master of the Ceremony, who watches your struggles using his cameras, and mixes up the playing field from afar… Only one of you can escape, the others will stay in the Halls – forever!