I think I saw one of these in my kitchen once

XenoShyft has another piece of art to show off for the game and a bit more of a world-teaser text.



From the post:

It would appear that “The Hive” may have at one point been low-level insectoids or other various scavenger species before the induction of Xenosathem into their ecosystem. Once this occurred, as is usual with prolonged exposure to the raw material, their aggression, size, and metabolism increased.

This, coupled with a unique interspecies diversity (It seems each sub-species has evolved to fill a specific role within the colony) has led to a swift evolution into a new form of apex predator.

Though initial reports are still inconclusive, the survey crew has indeed found some shocking pieces of evidence that point toward advanced life having existed on the planet before The Hive’s exposure to the crystals.

– Initial Review of Planet Designation R72a12